Top 10 Best Armies in the World

Security of a country is a primary issue, which is why every country lays so much stress on its army and firepower. It is also one of the major determinants of how powerful a country is considered. The basic things considered while ranking an army of a country is the manpower, firepower and total labor force which it has.

Listed below are the top 10 armies of the world 2014:

1. USA


USA is considered to have one of the best armies in the world, credit going to its whopping defense budget of $612 billion. The army of this country is equipped with 19 aircraft carriers, which accounts for its immense power. Trained human force, huge nuclear arsenal, largest fleet of aircrafts and latest technology weapons are other assets of the US army.

2. Russia


The Russian army is back to track as one of the strongest ones, after the setback suffered due to collapse of Soviet Union, with a huge defense budget of $ 76.6 billion. The army at present has 766,000 active personnel, with 2,485,000 in reserve, in addition to 15,500 tanks, making it the largest tank force in the whole world.

3. China


Besides excelling on manpower, China has also decided to make its army as one of the most powerful ones in the world, by increasing 12.2% of its spending on defense budget in the past year, with the figure reaching up to $ 126 billion. With nearly 2,285,000 active personnel and 2,300,000 reserve personnel, it is also the biggest army in the world.

4. India


The Indian army features next among the top 10 armies in the world, being on a way to modernization, with an expected increase in the defense budget going to make it the fourth biggest spender by 2020. It already tops the list of largest military exporters. Additionally, the army has equipped itself with powerful ballistic missiles, thanks to its tiffs with China and Pakistan.

5. UK


Featuring next on this list is the army of UK, which has a defense budget of nearly $ 54 million, though it is planning to reduce the size of its armed forces by 2018. This army is considered among the best because of its high tech equipment and excellent training.

6. France


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  1. Kapil Kumar says:

    Whatever you say in this post I believe Indian Army is the best army in the world because few years back after Kargil war Russian and American comes to India to learn how they defeated the Pakistani army in such situations.

    1. Santosh says:

      Agree with you Kapil

  2. Correct list i agree santosh…….

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