Top 10 Best Antivirus to Clean Infected USB Flash Drives

The USB Anti-Virus has been one of the most prioritized necessities in the recent times as there are viruses and malware that spread through the devices with the use of USB on the system. Our experts have led out the most effective USB Anti-Virus.

10. Autorun Virus Remover

A combo pack to detect and remove autorun.inf virus pretty easily from your USB and prevent the spread through the files on the computer. Usually, the virus returns to the infecting pact on the system once the anti-virus is terminated. The special feature on the Autorun Virus remover confirms the removal instantly leading to complete protection on the system even after the termination of Autorun Virus remover on the computer.

9. Autorun Protector

The latest of the Anti-Virus to get on the charts. The Anti-Virus comes with multiple tools to deal with malware and viruses that spread through USB drives. A unique blend of quality interface and latest virus definition in the database.

8. USB Disk Security

A comprehensive pack of Anti-Virus utilities that has one of the latest updates in virus definitions and a complete suite that has many of the options included for every kind of operation through the system files and the USB drive.

7. USB Threat Defender

One of the finest Shareware Anti-Virus available on the internet. The USB Threat Defender has lots of provisions to deal with pretty much any kinds of virus and malware. The additional options include Shield, Healing, and quarantine with neat features for customization.

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6. The USB Program

Designed to comprehensively protect the infection of Virus from the USB to the computer. The program performs by virtually getting on the memory and releasing the functions to scan, detect and quarantine the infected files and also deal with the live virus files on the USB.

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