Top 10 Best 3G Data Cards (Dongle) in India 2017

Internet isn’t confined to wired internet anymore, the connectivity has spread across wireless mediums a long time ago. Previously, cellular internet was only internet for mobile devices but with more bandwidth and technology price getting lower, such wireless connectivity is available for the mass people at a cheaper price. A 3G data stick would be required to go online at a place where nothing but 3G cellular network is available, and here’s a guide on 10 such modems.

1. Tata Photon Max Wi-Fi

The Tata Photo Max Wi-Fi is more of a Wi-Fi hotspot device than a 3G data stick, however it serves the job well. The internet connection is still achieved through a 3G connection and the bandwidth supported is up to 6.2 Mbps. Up to 5 simultaneous connection is supported. Price – Rs. 1,999.

2. ZTE AW3632

ZTE AW3632 is lightweight and thin, carrying it in pockets will not be a difficult task to accomplish. Even though it looks like a simple USB modem, yet it’s able to transmit data over Wi-Fi and create hotspots. The downlink on this router is 14.4 Mbps, it works on USB 2.0. Price – Rs. 1,800.

3. Vodafone K4201

The download and upload bandwidth on this Vodafone modem is respectively 21.1 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps. It works on all popular platforms like Windows, Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu etc. It has a microSD card slot as well. Price – Rs. 999.

4. Huawei E5331

This device is slightly costlier than the previous ones discussed, however Huawei E5331 can facilitate up to 8 users with internet connectivity at once. It comes with a 1500 mAh battery built with 250 hours standby time. The downlink is 21.1 Mbps and uplink is 5.76 Mbps. Price – Rs. 3,500.

5. Huawei E8131

Huawei E8131 works as a data card and Wi-Fi hotspot device apart from being a 3G modem for typical computers. The hotspot can accommodate up to five Wi-Fi devices. Bandwidth is 21.6 Mbps upload and around 5.76 Mbps download. Price – Rs. 2,500.

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