The Top 10 Longest Bridges in Asia 2017

There is always something special in every country that distinguishes it from the others. While we count on Asians, there is always everything different that makes the people of Asia different from all the other people of the world. They are really hard working and that is represented through their enchanting buildings and architecture. Only the buildings and architecture, the whole infrastructure of the countries in Asia represents the characteristics of the people of Asia.

While we are talking about the infrastructure, they have the strong transportation line also, that make their countries economically strong.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Longest Bridges in Asia that have made the countries of Asia strong:

10. Shanghai Maglev Train

Starting from the bottom, the 10th longest bridge in Asia that has made it possible for the countries of Asia to make its economic system strong is the Shanghai Maglev Train Bridge. This bridge is located in China. Extended from Shanghai Pudong across the outskirts of central Pudong, this bridge covers almost 29.908 Km, total in length.

9. Donghai Bridge

Next on the list is the Donghai Bridge that is located in the country of China. This bridge is one of the longest bridges in Asia that is having the total length of almost 32.5 km. This bridge links the Shanghai’s Pudong New Areaand the Yangshan Deep-Water Port and is considered to be one of the vital and the longest bridge in Asia.

8. Runyang Yangtze River Bridge

Runyang Yangtze River Bridgeis next one of the longest and the most important bridge in Asia that is also located in China again. This bridge is having the total length of almost 35.66 km. This bridge is the part of the Shanghai- Beijing express that always welcomes the traffic.

7. Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Next on the list is the Hangzhou Bay Bridge that is another longest bridge in Asia. This bridge is the part of the Hangzhou Bay that extends from the Jiaxing to Ningbo municipalities. With the total length of 35.673 km, this bridge is standing on the 4th rank in our list.

6. Yangcun Bridge

Yangcun Bridge

Located in China, the Yangcun Bridgeis the 6th longest bridge in the continent of Asia. The is having the total length of almost 35.812 km. the Yangcun Bridge is considered to be one of the most beautifully designed bridge in Asia.

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