List of 10 Common Spices Used in Indian food

The Indian food is delicious and distinctive, which uses a variety of spices to make the food tastier and presentable. If one person is able to find and identifies the species used in Indian food, then it not hard to make this cuisine. The following is the list of top 10 most used Indian Spices:

10. Turmeric


Turmeric is an Indian spice, which grown as a rhizome. This spice can be used dried or fresh and has a lot of health benefits too. The flavor of dried turmeric is less strong than fresh turmeric and is used in many Indian recipes. This spice stains very easily, so you should be careful with your clothes and utensils while using it.

9.  Fenugreek

Fenugreek is another Indian spice which gives the food curry flavor and fragrance. The seeds look like tiny wheat kernels having a yellow color. Fenugreek leaves are also dried which is known as KasuriMethi and is used a spice which makes butter chicken unique. They are used as a traditional medicine and used to make fake maple syrup.

8.  Mustard Seeds

The mustard seeds are of different colors like yellow, black and brown and are much used in Indian cooking.  The flavor of this spice comes when they are cooked in the oil or crushed. It’s nutty and smoky flavor is used in curries and curry powder.

7.  Nutmeg and mace

The nutmeg and mace are used a lot in Indian food. Mace is the dark red outer covering of the nutmeg which is processed by removing the pulpy outside cover and sliding off the mace. When dried the mace turns golden-orange color and gives a warm flavor to the food. This spice does not need to be toasted, as it ruins its flavor.

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 6. Coriander

Coriander is the universal spice of India and known to be the oldest spice of the country. This spice has a golden-yellow color and a rigid texture. The seeds are the base for much spice mixed and are the most commonly used spices in the Indian cuisine.

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