Kanpur, An Industrial Hub

Kanpur is a vibrant industrial city located on bank of holy river Ganges. It boasts of a rich history and finds mention in the epic Mahabharata. The city houses several beautiful temples inluding Shri Radhakrishna temple, Bhitargaon temple and Dwarkadhish temple. Jama Masjid, Kanpur Memorial Church and the Jain Glass Temple are other attractions worth visiting in Kanpur. Kanpur also houses the renowned Allen Forest Zoo, it is considered the best zoo in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Animals roam around in the jungle environment and are not kept in a cage like other zoos. You can actually see animals them in their natural habitat. Book taxi in Kanpurto explore all attractions at your convenience.

Kanpur was first known as Karnapur, named after Mahabhararta character Karna and during the course of the time, the name became Kanpur. Another legend says that it was originally known as Kanhaiyapur after Lord Krishna.

Kanpur as industrial hub: Kanpur is the economic capital of Uttar Pradesh and the centre for commercial and industrial activities. It is also the biggest city of the state with an approximate population of 3 million.  It is one of India’s oldest industrial townships and was popularly known as the Manchester of the East. Kanpur houses some of the largest tanneries in India and is also renowned as Leather City. It contributes almost 15 percent to India’s total leather production. Apart from the leather products, Kanpur has numerous industries in segments of cotton, hosiery, paint, plastics, fertilizers, chemicals and others. Kanpur is also a significant sugar producing centre in the country. Several industries cater to the armed forces and supply them with materials and machinery.  Since Uttar Pradesh is amongst the largest producers of food grains and milk in the country, it has a booming food processing industry as well.


Factors stimulating growth: Kanpur is well connected via road, railway and airway to rest of the country. Delhi is located at around 495 kms from Kanpur and many businessmen regularly travel by hiring a taxi from Kanpur to Delhi. There is plenty of skilled and unskilled workforce available in the city, In addition to that, the availability of raw materials for various industries in the city is easy. The city also has good financing and banking facilities and almost all banks have large branches in Kanpur.

Government and civic authorities have been lot of effort to improve the telecommunication, power and other infrastructure facilities in the city. The Central government has been providing incentives and subsidies for the exporters and Kanpur has been designated as the “Town of Export Excellence.” The city houses some top technical and management institutes in the country including IIT Kanpur. Thus, finding a young, educated and hardworking employee is not that difficult in Kanpur.

The city has been divided into ten industrial clusters which are spread all across Kanpur. The manufacturing industry of Kanpur attracts most of the investments to the city but government is putting emphasis on developing service industry as well since the economic scenario of the city is conducive. In present times manufacturing industry dominates the economic scene of Kanpur, but the government of Uttar Pradesh is taking initiatives to promote the IT industry in a huge way. Kanpur is well connected to all major cities by national highways and it is easy for business men to travel by hiring outstation cabs in Kanpur.

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