Things to Know: 10 Amazing Facts About Kerala

The beauty of Kerala cannot be explained in words. The scenic beauty, the dazzling rivers, the green meadows and the lavish greenery of Kerala are worth watching. Kerala is the land of beauty with the long beaches, rivers with charming mountains. Kerala is often referred to as Keralam which is located in the South west India on the coast of Malabar.

Some interesting facts about Kerala are mentioned below. Check them and enjoy!


1. A Land of Coconut Trees

Kerala is full of coconut trees. Kerala is the state of India or probably the only state of the world which has the highest number of coconut trees. If someone had counted the coconut trees of Kerala then surely he would have taken some days or even months to do so. Because of the rich coconut state, people of Kerala use the coconuts in their foods, drinks and also on their hair.

2. Life and Health

It is estimated that the people of Kerala live longer as compared to other people of India. This is because the nutrition of the people of Kerala is well balanced and healthy.

3. Communities of Kerala

The population of Kerala is divided into three main communities. These communities include the Christians, Muslims and Hindus. The Hindus comprises of 54.72 % of the total population of Kerala while Muslims make 25.56 % and Christians are 18.38 % of the total population of Kerala.

4. The Land of readers

People of Kerala are generally vert literate and informed. Kerala is among the most literate states of India. This state has the total 100 % literacy rate this is the reason why you see the people of Kerala always reading some texts, books. Newspapers etc.

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5. Fishing opportunities

As Kerala consists of long beaches and coastlines, it offers vast fishing opportunities for the sea food and fishing lovers. Country fishing boats are also very common on the beaches and rivers of Kerala.

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