India’s Top 10 Best Airlines in 2015

The aviation sector in India has seen a phenomenal boom in the recent times as air travel has become affordable for more and more people and also that the standard of living as well as income of the population has increased. As a result, many big players have entered the airline segment in the country.

Here are top 10 best airlines in India:

10. AirCosta


AirCosta is a latest airline company which has entered the Indian aviation segment in 2013. It operates from Chennai International Airport and caters to nine destinations across India, with a fleet size of 4 aircrafts but expansion is on cards very soon.

9. AirAsia India

AirAsia India

Another new entry in Indian aviation industry is AirAsia India, which started its services in 2014. It has only three aircrafts in its fleets and flies to seven destinations, but has earned a good reputation. The base of the airline is located in Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore.

8. Vistara Airlines

Vistara Airlines

The next name in the list of top 10 best airlines in India is Vistara Airlines, which is based at Delhi International Airport and started its services in 2015. The airline is small in size with only six aircrafts but it boasts of impeccable services. It flies to 8 cities across India.

7. The National Aviation Company of India (NACIL)

The National Aviation Company of India

This government-owned airline company is the oldest in India and recently suffered a crisis but was rescued because of a bailout package by the center. The airline operates flights to all the metro cities of India.

6. GoAir


GoAir is one of those airlines which have captured a fair share of the Indian aviation market with its affordable ticket prices and excellence in services. The Mumbai based company entered the Indian market in 2005 and has maintained its stronghold since then. Its 19 aircrafts fly to 20 major cities of India.

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