15 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Gold You Should Know

Gold is considered as the valuable asset and that is the reason why many people invest in the Gold coins or bars. It is the popular choice of the investors since the discovery of gold. But there are many other things that make the gold a fascinating metal besides of being valuable.

Here is the list of 15 most fascinating and the interesting facts about gold that you have not known till today. So here is the list read and enjoy!


15. World’s largest bar

One of the most interesting facts about gold is that, the largest bar of gold that ever existed in the world weighs about 250 kg that was almost 551 ponds. This bar of gold was found near Moliagul in Central Victoria, Australia, in the year of 1869.

14. Largest producers

Gold, being the one of the most reliable and the beautiful ornamental metal has three largest producers throughout the world. Those producers include China, United States and Australia.

13. Biggest Consumer

Another interesting fact about gold is that, the largest consumer of this ornamental metal, gold is likely the country of India in the year of 2015 regaining its position from China because gold is most imported in India according to the World Gold Council in the year of 2014.

12. Gold is edible

Yes, you have heard it right. Since 24 –karat gold is soft and fragile, it is most edible. Whether you are eating the gold leaves or flakes, all have some taste of silver which is inert. Sometimes, edible gold can be harmful for the human beings as it can be toxic due to the presence of copper.

11. Discovery

It is a common fact that Gold is discovered since the ancient times. But the unknown one is that Gold is discovered on every 7 continents of the Earth. Means, it is available in every continent including Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and even in Antarctica.

10. Human body contains Gold

Yes, it is one of the most interesting facts of Gold. The human body has some composition of Gold and mostly it is present in blood. While it is not the main ingredient but it can be found knocking inside our body. An average 70 kg human being consists of almost 0.229 mf of gold.

9. Earthquakes turn water into gold

According to the claim of new study, those Earthquakes turn the water into gold. This was proved through the model that water in faults vaporizes during the earthquake depositing gold. The mechanism behind this fact is that when earthquake strikes, the cracks in the Earth appears and water filled inside the cracks pushing gold out of it.

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