Top 10 Best Patriotic Bollywood Movies to Watch on Independence Day

Patriotism is an emotion that Bollywood has loved since the beginning of time and a large number of movies have been made of this theme. Many of these movies have become big hits and are likely to be remembered as the most incredible movies in the Hindi cinema. Independence Day seems to be the favorite occasion to watch these legendary patriotic flicks.

Here is a list of top 10 best patriotic Bollywood movies to watch on Independence Day:

10. Chak De! India

“Chak De India” is a sports based movie woven around the theme of patriotism. It is based on the story of a hockey coach, portrayed by Shahrukh Khan, who takes the Indian women’s hockey team ahead to win the World Cup. He brings back the lost glory of the country.

9. Kranti

“Kranti” was an ensemble patriotic movie which hit the theaters in 1981. This one was based on pre independence era, the period around the revolt of 1857, when the Indians had to face great oppression at the hands of the British. Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar and Hema Malini were some big names in the star cast of the movie.

8. Upkar

Another hit patriotic film by Manoj Kumar is “Upkar” which focused on the theme of patriotism by the soldiers and farmers, both playing key role in the security and progress of the country.

7. Haqeeqat

No one can ever forget the heart rending song called “Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaano tan Saathiyo”, which made this movie an unforgettable saga of patriotism. The movie made by Chetan Anand is still regarded as a masterpiece as it narrates the poignant tale of soldiers on duty.

6. Sarfarosh

A patriotic story of a young police officer who wants to eradicate terrorism from the country is the classic movie called “Sarfarosh”. This was the first movie to establish Aamir Khan as an action star, a complete U turn from his image as a romantic hero.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Patriotic Bollywood Movies to Watch on Independence Day”

  1. Nancy says:

    Border is truly a patriotic theme based movie in India….loved it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this wonderful article with great list. All movies are masterpiece. But My all time favourite is Border.

  3. Kapil Kumar says:

    Shaheed & Kranti is my favourite movies in the mentioned list.

  4. lokesh kumar saini says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article with great list. nice movies

  5. Kulwant Singh says:

    All Movie are wonderful and awesome Movies…..

  6. Mohit says:

    My favorite movie is Border.

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