6 Things to Consider When Taking Out Personal Loans in India


When you need money direly for whatever purpose and have nothing to offer as security or collateral, then personal loan is the best bet for you. This is a special kind of loan which can be procured without a security or guarantor and is available for a variety of purposes, such as wedding expenses, investment, holiday or medical treatment. However, there are a variety of clauses associated with personal loans which need to be studies with care to get the best option.

Here are 6 Things to consider when taking out personal loans in India:

Personal Loans in India

1. Amount of Loan

The first thing to keep in mind while taking out personal loan in India is the amount of loan, whose minimum and maximum amount varies in case of different banks in the country. The bank also considers factors such as your income and loan repayment capacity before extending the loan facility to you. They also consider whether a person is a businessman, salaried professional or self employed.

2. Rate of Interest

Another factor to consider while borrowing a personal loan is the rate of interest charged on the loan. You need to find the rates charged by various banks and compare them. Interest payment options should also be compared, whether the lender is charging it on monthly reducing basis or annual basis, the former one being a better option. You must also pay attention to the EMI amount, along with the interest.

3. Tenure of Repayment

The tenure of repayment of personal loans is another key issue while taking up such a loan. Many of the banks provide this loan for a period of 1 to 4 years, while ICICI banks offer tenure of up to 5 years. The tenure may also depend upon the business or profession of the borrower.

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