20 Really Interesting Facts about Dreams That Will Amaze You

Dreams! Some people thought dreams are amazing and some thought that dreams are mysterious. For some people dreams are necessary and for some people dreams is the thinking of minds that they think the whole day. Whatever people think about the dreams, it still remains the debatable topics.

Some people dream in order to sleep and some people sleep in order to dream. But according to the scientists, dreams are the important part of the well- being and the health of the person. And according to some researches, dreams helps to tackle the day long stress and to revitalize the body and mind.

Facts about Dreams

Whatever, scientists think or research, dreams always leave you numb and you have no idea about what you have dreamt of! But for your interest, here are 20 amazing facts about the dreams that you may don’t know:

20. Dream Incorporation

Another interesting fact about dreaming is the dream incorporation that means people often relating the things that are actually happening at the while they are sleeping to their dreams. Like an instrument is playing in the house and one who is sleeping is dreaming like he is attending a concert.

19. Number of dreams

You can have multiple dreams per night. As many as 7 dreams, you can have in a single night. But that really depends on the number of your REM cycles. And a person dream averagely an hour or a two in a single night.

18. Dreaming Emotions

According to studies made on dreams, three types of emotions are mostly felt while in dreaming and that are anger, fear and sadness. Dreams tend to be more negative ones than the positive ones and this usually where the nightmares come from.

17. Animals Dream Too

another amazing fact that you probably not know about dreaming is that these are not only the humans who dream butanimals are also the ones who dream. Have you ever watched your pet twitching their paws while sleeping? That means they are also dreaming creatures.

16. You can control your dreams

You can control your dreams while you are in the lucid phase of dreaming. This is the interesting and good part of dream that you can manipulate, twist and turn your dreams.

15. You dream about the people whom you had met

You always dream about the person whom you have encountered once in a life.

14. Entry Level

Toddlers dream too but they don’t see them in their own dreams till the age of 3 to 4 years.

13. Increased Brain Activity

While you are dreaming, your brain will do twice more activity as compared to when you are awake.

12. Sleepwalkers

Sleepwalking is a rare but very dangerous disorder that is associated with the dreams and people who see the adventurous dreams while sleeping are in the habit of sleepwalking.

11. Snorers don’t dream

It is the fact that the person who snores a lot don’t dream. If you are snoring then you cannot dream. So next time be careful while sleeping and don’t snore in order to have some interesting dream.

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