20 Best & Easy Ways for Younger Looking Skin


It is undeniable that human, either man or woman, wanted to have younger looking skin. This is because we all wanted to be young forever. So, even when we grow old we still do everything to look young. Age is just a number and no matter how long your age will reach, your heart will remain young as they say and so your skin.

There are so many simple things you can do to keep your skin appear younger, healthy and radiant. You can do something to erase some signs of aging and boost your overall skin health. From these simple ways, you can make a difference.

Simple Ways to Make Your Skin Looks Younger

20. Always smile

Smile means yes

Happy faces are highly rated to be looked younger than what they really are. Your smile, even how old you are can add some sort of expressions that lightens the face. We can’t deny the fact that people who always smile got brighter complexion.

19. Eat more fruits


Fruits, especially like grapes, berries, plums and pears, can help a lot for the skin to absorb and retain moisture. These fruits have a vital substance that attracts moisture.

18. Eat greener veggies

Leafy Green Veggies

Vegetables especially those greener ones can help a lot for the health and glow of the skin. Be careful on what you eat and don’t focus on those junks.

17. Sleep early

Our body needs plentiful of sleep and it will allow for the tissue to rejuvenate. If you are going to sleep early your skin will truly die.

16. Moisturize the skin

Cleaning and moisturizing the skin helps protect the skin and making it keeps its health. Do not use bar soaps that could make the skin dry but you can use those cleansers that wash the dirt away yet keeping the moisture stay.

15. Wear less makeup

Alia Bhatt

Makeup helps women looks really pretty. But sometimes it could provide too wacky attire. When you use less make, it will allow your skin to bloom naturally.

14. Treat your face and neck fairly

Delight your neck and chest as an extension to your face. This area is considered to be very sensitive and prone for dryness and wrinkles so they should also be given moisturizers.

13. Avoid long showers

If you are going to stay in the shower for a long time, it will strip the moisture of your skin and wash away the protective oils.

12. Use unscented baby powder

To prevent moist and avoid the growth of bacteria and fungi, put powder especially to the private areas of the body or those typically hidden parts like underarms and inner thighs.

11. Keep beauty products clean

You can’t totally clean up your skin if your beauty products are not clean particularly if you have sensitive skin.

10. Update your routine

Altering your regimens probably every 6 months and start more impressive improvements in texture and tone will avoid sliding the skin for maintenance.

9. Eat foods with good fats

Foods like salmon, flax seed and almonds are essential to keep skin supple and firm. Foods like these boost hydration as well. Just make sure to limit saturated fat intake for it could increase free radical damage.

8. Check the dryness

Try to scratch your skin and if it will leave a white mark, your skin is dry. When your skin appears to dry it needs the further attention of moisture and exfoliation.

7. Use loofah

Using a loofah daily will help ingrown hairs and scaly skin under control. Gently scrub your skin every time you bath in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. You can also add some skin smoothing products on the loofah before scrubbing.

6. Avoid skin destroyers

Free yourself from smoking, tanning salons, sunbathing, alcoholic drinking and other habits that could truly destroy the skin. Getting involved in such skin damaging acts will surely age your skin prematurely and realize that what you did last a lifetime effect.

5. Use accurate skin care products

Of course, you can’t put creams on your face where in fact it is for your feet. So, when shopping for skin care products, you should have products with powerful ingredients in order to maintain your youthful skin.

4. Wash skin at night

Before going to bed, it is very much essential to wash the skin because there would be various dirt and bacteria as well as makeup leftovers that can trigger breakouts. Gently cleanse your face and let anti-aging skin care to penetrate the skin.

3. Exercise regularly

yoga retreats

Regular exercise is a very effective health booster. If you are going to work out regularly you’re going to have firmer skin than those who do not exercise. This is because exercises infuse skin with oxygen and other essential nutrients for collagen production.

2. Manage stress

Stress is the other thing that could add wrinkles to your face and make you look really bad. Learn to manage it and never let your emotional upheavals make you look 45 years older than your age. Anxiety can lead to facial redness and acne flare-ups as well.

1. Wear sunscreen


The rays of the sun are the most common skin damaging thing on Earth. Block the sun everyday by wearing sunscreens ideally, the SPF 30 to protect the skin from aging. Even just you stay in the sun for few minutes it can lead to wrinkles that would stay for few weeks.

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