13 Key Differences Between Indian and Western Culture

Culture is the most critical aspect of any nation or region. There is a lot of differences between Indian and Western Culture. This subject is debatable from long and nothing can be concluded as of now. On one side, Indian culture relates to traditions, customs, religions and a set of rules followed by Indian people. On the contrary, western culture is open and advanced in nature. Western Culture is usually followed in USA and Europe. In this articles, the key difference points between these cultures are highlighted.

1. Origin

Indian Culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world and the traditions followed are several million years old.

Western Culture began with Ancient Greek time and considered to be more modern.

2. Religion

The main religions followed in India are Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Christianity and Judaism are the main religion in western culture.

3. Cuisine

Indian cuisine is spicy and rich in flavour. Traditionally, Indians emphasize on lunch rather than dinner.

Western Cuisine is mainly focused on meat and fewer spices. They emphasise more on dinner.

4. Family

Indian culture can be divided into two parts. One is traditional Indian culture whereas other is modern Indian culture. Traditional Indian culture rely onjoint family concept however modern Indian culture followers start preferring nuclear families.

Western culture believes in nuclear family since the past

5. Festivals

There are a number of festivals celebrated in India and each festival has its own significance and history.

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Christmas, Easter and Labour Day are the few main festivals celebrated in western culture.

6. Concept of Marriage

Arranged marriage are still preferred over love marriages in Indian Culture. Moreover, they believe in one marriage concept only.

Love marriages are more common in western culture. They also believe in multiple marriages.

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