10 Toughest Languages to Learn in the World

Learning a language is very difficult and especially the language of other countries. There are various languages that are spoken in this world, and all these languages are very difficult to learn. But there are perks of knowing languages apart from your native language. English is one such language that is spoken widely and it is also easy to learn. Chinese is the largest spoken language in the world and it is also difficult to learn. There are a huge number of people, speaking Chinese. There are certain languages that are very difficult to learn.

Here is a list of Ten Toughest Languages to Learn

10. Danish

It is a language spoken in the North Germany and around 6 million people speak it. The language sounds very different and it is written completely different, which makes it very difficult to learn.

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9. Mongolian

It is one of the toughest languages to learn in the world. Mongolian is spoken by around 6 million people. It is spoken in Mongolia and parts of China and it is very tough to learn this language, and not a lot of people prefer learning this language. They way it is written is fascinating but when it comes to learning it, it will surely take your time and effort.

8. German

It is one of the largely spoken language, and it is spoken in Germany. The language sounds also difficult, imagine, how difficult it will be to learn it. The language has several dialects both in spoken and written German. It also has a lot of words that derive from the same roots. Hence, German in the toughest language to learn.

7. Georgian

A lot of English speakers do not really prefer learning this language, but it is very fascinating to learn this language. It is written in a very different manner and the words look extremely beautiful. There is a certain kind of word and form you have to learn before you learn this language and that is when the actual fun starts.

6. Polish

It is spoken by around 40 million people across the world and it is one of the toughest languages to learn. Even a simple hello in this language is very difficult and even speaking numbers in this language is difficult as they have around 17 variations. The words in this language sounds very hissy and the polish speakers are famous for it.

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