10 Reasons Why Dogs Are the Best Pet Animal

Right from the beginning of times, the human race has shown interest in domesticating pets and dogs have been an all time favorite as pets for human beings. Though cats, birds and fish have also pleased mankind, but none have been able to replace dogs in terms of popularity.

Here are 10 reasons why dogs are regarded as the best pet animal

10. They reciprocate your love

The best thing about owning a pet dog is that they reciprocate your feelings all the time, as has been proved by research. Pets, dogs in particular, release a hormone called oxytocin when connected with their owners. This hormone plays a key role in creating a bonding between the pet and its owner.

9. Entertainment value

Next amongst the top 10 reasons why dogs are regarded as the best pet animal is its entertainment value. This makes dogs great companions for people who live alone as dogs can keep them good company for hours and bring smiles for them all the time.

8. Help improve reading skills in children

Pet dogs not only keep you great company but also improve the reading skills of the younger members of the family. Research has provided tangible evidence that children develop confidence as well as literary skills in the pleasant company of canines.

7. Instill happiness

Another widely known reason why dogs are considered best pets is the fact that people who have them stay happy and feel less lonely, as has been shown by studies conducted by researchers. A dog’s company also improves the self esteem of its owner because of its unselfish love and affection.

6. Companionship

Dogs are known for their affectionate nature and make great companions, which makes them a great company for aged people and those who live alone. Those who domesticate them as pets usually cannot live without them.

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