10 Reasons to Not Let Your Kids Watch Doraemon Cartoon

Cartoon series are basically broadcasted for the entertainment of the children. Cartoons are the integral part of the childhood as they educate children about the happenings and the creative things so that they can also gain confidence to get the things done by them. Besides this, cartoons are also the effective means of communications that convey the message quickly than a written notice. But cartoons and its content and the health of the children are very important. And you must have to check the content of the cartoons that your child is being watching.

Chinese cartoons have now made their branches so strong in all the channels of the Kids and Doraemon is an example of these cartoons. Doraemon are one of the popular cartoon series of Japan that are being broadcasted on the renowned Disney Channel in the Hindi Language so that the Children in the Asia can also understand them. Children in Pakistan, Bangladesh and also in India are the true fan of Doraemon series and that is badly affecting the health and the culture of their country.

So it has become very much important for the parents to not let their children watch the Doraemon Cartoons. There are several reasons to stop your kids from watching the Doraemon cartoons, those reasons are mentioned below:

10. Ugly characters


The Chinese and Japanese cartoons are so ugly looking that your child often starts to get adopting the expressions and gestures that these cartoons adopt. They start to imitate such characters in schools and in their friends that would leave a bad expression on the other persons watching.

9. Nobita Don’t Study

The character in the Doraemon, Nobita don’t love to study and always run away from study. This leaves a bad impression on your children and he will also try to imitate Nobita and don’t want to study.

8. Making Kids lazy and Helpless

Doraemon cartoons are so much addictive that children hate to leave them while they broadcasting on the television. This makes the children helpless and lazy and in the return they don’t want to do their own task.

7. They are full of Fiction

Doraemon cartoons are full of fiction and falsehood. Doraemon the robot is used to bring new gadgets to Nobita and that is completely not true. Children get used about those gadgets always ask about the gadgets that the Doraemon uses.

6. Angry Characters

Doraemon is always full of angry characters and parents that leave bad impact on the children. The mother of Nobita in the cartoon always shown to scold him and that leaves a bad impression of mothers to the children. Kids learn from this situation and consider his mother an enemy.

9 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Not Let Your Kids Watch Doraemon Cartoon”

  1. Mellow Prawns says:

    This might be the worst article on the Internet. Congratulations.

    1. Kapil Kumar says:

      May be you are a kid like Nobita that’s reason a piece of information looks your worst 🙂 please grow up and don’t dream too much to marry sizuka.

  2. Kunal says:

    Excellent and correctly said, People from Asia will certainly agree with this. Well said !

  3. Jiyana Jethani says:

    One more reason you should add that nobita is in love with shizuka and he finds various ways to impress her. many times nobita’s dreams are shown of getting married to shizuka and even in the future tv gadget it is shown that they are married and have a kid. This will leave a bad impression on kids as this is not a thing that children should watch. I hope you understand what i am saying.
    This is a very good article ???

    1. Santosh says:

      Thanks for your valuable opinion!

      1. Anonymous says:

        it’s one of my favourite shows.. but yea.. everything you said was correct..it has adverse effects on kids

  4. Ravindra says:

    Hi myself Ravindra, Santosh, this is Very true…… Can you give me your contact number? I want to talk with you regarding these cartoons which are violating in Indian kids! mail me your contact number on this mail id: ravindrapatake@gmail.com

  5. Sheena Chand says:

    Correctly said, I know a kid who is very violent and uses abusive words. Might be the doraemon effect.

  6. Your mom's filthy crotch says:

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever read. You’re the reason why cancer exist. Instead of blaming a cartoon for your culture’s shortcomings and failures, why not try actually teaching your kids right from wrong instead of a cartoon? Crazy idea, no?

    In the meantime, shut up and go eat a cow.

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