10 Mouth-Watering Pickle Recipes

Pickling is one of the most important and the best food preserving method that is use in the whole world for the preservation of vegetables and other food commodities. When it comes to the pickled fruits and veggies they are used in numerous foods that are loved and liked by all the people living in every region of the world. Pickling not only increases the shelf life of the food but also it adds flavors.

Pickling is one of the old methods that are used in the preserving the foods and also to take the profile of taste of the dish to the sky. That is why it is used in numerous traditions and cultures. Here are the top 10 Best Pickle Recipes that have become too much popular in the world today.

10. Pickled Brussels sprouts

Pickled Brussels sprouts

One of the most favorite and the all -time popular pickled dish that uses the process of pickling. This pickled recipe is one of the most yum and the delicious one that gives you the best flavor. Sprouts are one of the best things that I love even when roasted, sautéed and surely when pickled. The ingredients of this recipe include garlic, bay leaves, mustard seeds and some peppercorns.

9. Marinated Fava Beans

Fava beans are another one of the best pickled recipe that comes in the list of mine. With the margination of the sweet and starchy fava beans along with the olive oil and vinegar, this marinated fava bean pickle gives the sparky and the sharp taste that is really wonderful.

8. Lemony Cauliflower Florets

Here is something different but really very traditional. The lemony cauliflower florets in the pickle are another one of the my favorite and I bet will be yours too, as it is having the true and rich flavor of lemon along with the crunchy and crispy florets of cauliflowers. Serve this lemony and delicious pickle with the some sliced rounds of baguette and creamy goat cheese.

7. Bubbling Pickled Oysters

Another one of the unique and the best recipe that is will get to your heart after a single try. This tangy and flavorful recipe is credited to the Asian continent. With the fresh oyster mushrooms and some goodness of olive oil, tartness of vinegar, the flavor of this dish is out of the world. Add this amazing pickle to the salad or with some cheese and enjoy.

6. Quick Pickle Fennel with Orange

This one is really a quick and something unique that you have not tried yet. Just boil the fennel in the water along with the vinegar to add some stability to its life by adding salt. Add some oranges to pickled fennels and you are done with some tangy crunchy pickle that you can eat alone or with the sandwiches.

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