10 Most Powerful Weapons of Indian Army

India boasts of one of the largest military powers in the world, and it is not the manpower which accounts for its strength. The Indian army also has an array of powerful weapons which makes it a force to reckon with. Though most of these weapons have foreign origin, yet they have been modified by the country to match its needs.

Here are top 10 most powerful weapons of Indian army:

10. PAD/AAD Ballistic Missile Defense System

PAD AAD Ballistic Missile Defense System

This advanced weapon system consists of Prithvi Air Defense PAD and Advanced Air Defense AAD, which have ranges of 2000km and 250+ km respectively. While PAD is exp atmospheric interceptor, AAD is endo atmospheric interceptor and together they make a successful ballistic missile defense system for the Indian Army.

9. Pinaka MLRS

Pinaka MLRS

Pinaka MLRS is the Multiple Launch Rocket System, which became a proud acquisition of the Indian military in 1998. This system, which comprises of 12 rockets put on a 8X8 truck, boasts of a range of 40 km and has an improved version now which has a range of 65 km. It has been successfully used in the high altitude battle of Kargil in 1999.

8. P-8i Neptune

P-8i Neptune

The next name on the list of top 10 most powerful weapons of Indian Army is that of P-8I Neptune, an aircraft which serves the purpose of protecting the coastline of the country. It can fly up to 2000 km from the base on its internal fuel as it has a high endurance level to complete the toughest of missions.

7. T-90S Bhishma

T-90S Bhishma

Bheeshma is a 48 ton tank which the Indian purchased from Russia. It has the capacity to accommodate three crew members at a time and can also fire the Invar anti tank missile, which makes it a unique asset for the Indian Army. Being a diesel powered tank, it saves on fuel and requires minimal maintenance.

6. NaMiCa (Nag Missile Carrier)

NaMiCa (Nag Missile Carrier)

Next among the most powerful weapons of Indian Army is NaMiCa, an anti tank missile which has been developed indigenously. In addition to a total of 8 Nag missiles mounted on a BMP chassis, the system is equipped with IR optical sensor, which enables it to see the enemy tanks. The missile also has a High Explosive Anti Tank warhead which has the ability to penetrate and destroy any armor in the area.

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