10 Most Popular Modern Tamil Boys & Girls (Baby) Names

All the parents of small kidsalways want that the names of their babies (either a girl or a boy)to be distinctive, sweetest, loveliest and the most appealing one. Theyalso try to imitate their kid’s individuality through conferring them with equally unique and occasionally with strange names.A name is habitually not given to a baby casually. In some states like Tamil Nadu, names are given with all rituals and customs. It denotes thought as well as feelings of people towards the kids with the blessings of god. Following are the ten most popular modern Tamil boys and girls baby names:

10. Rathan

The meaning of this name is Chariot or a carriage. It is a male baby name. According to numerology, the total is 18. This name is connected with fights and clashes in the person’s family along with the society. The person with this name experiences an absence of peace and joy that might result in mental pressure as well as instability.

9. Paanan

The next name in the list is Paanan which is a male name. Its meaning is King and the total count according to numerology is 21. The baby with this name is born in Phalguni Nakshatra that has Surya as his lord. The zodiac sign of this person can be Virgo or a Libra.

8. Aadalarasi

The subsequent name is Aadalarasi which means princess of dance. It’s a name for a female baby child. According to the numerology, the total count is 18. The person with this name has the ability to gather enormous amounts of capital; on the other hand, her achievement may get spoiled by some unpredicted consequences. It is generally a challenging and problematic name to have.

7. Pirai

This is the name of a female baby child and its meaning is a crescent. The numerological total of the name is 13. This name is related to the continuous alteration of plans and habitation. The person owns a sword of strength and power that bring more wealth and joy if used correctly. However if it is misused, then it will fetch more discomfort and disturbances.

6. Tamiliniyan

This is the name of a male Tamil baby and the meaning of the name is pleasant. The total count according to the numerology is 27.This is the name of tractability and intelligence. The person gets to profit from the creative use of his imagination and brainpower. The person will be entrusted with control, authority as well as knowledge.

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