10 Most Popular Free iPhone Games Ever

Nowadays, almost all are using iPhones and iPads. There are different kinds of people some are game lovers who always checks Apple Store and search for new games and some people play games just to pass the time as they don’t have anything else to do. Through this article, you will come to know which games are most popular as well as available for free for your iPhone.

Let’s have a look at the list of games which you can download and play:

10. Touch Hockey: FS5

Touch Hockey is the game which is played with your friends. It is a multi player strategic game which has 4 game length settings and 3 levels. The game is played in the time length where the player has to score more by smashing the ball in opponent’s drawer. The most existing game to play with.

Download here

9. Letterpress

Letterpress is the word game which can be played with your friends with the help of Game Centre. The game is developed by Soleben LLC. The game can be played making up strategy how to defeat the opponent. The player can win the game by making new words and can lock the letters of the opponent on a temporary basis. Download Letterpress and increase your vocabulary by finding out new words and also defeat your opponent to win the game.

Download here

8. Cube

Cube is the shooting game which can be played by both single as well as multi – player. The game can be played by shooting the enemy and creating a strategy for winning the game. Download Cube, it is a most loved game which is played by the shooters.

Download here

7. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the adventures game which is loved by all most all people. The game is loved in such a way that even 5 years old child grabs the mastery of playing the game. The game is all about collecting the gems, clearing quest and unlocking new powers. The game is played by avoiding obstacles either by a jumping or ducking or dodging whichever suits the best. There is a demon who runs after the player, the player needs to be careful that the demon doesn’t eat the player and if the demon’s eat the player the game gets over.

Download here

6. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is the strategic game where the player needs to cross the road and keep them safe from the car and train which runs on the road. This is the endless game where the speed of running cars and trains increases as the player play the game. There are various quests available in the game, as and when the player completes the quest the rewards are given in terms of coins as well as players get the chance to unlock new characters. Enjoy playing crossy road which helps in improving your accuracy as well as concentration.

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