10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Plants in the World

The most amazing thing about Mother Nature is that sometimes the most dangerous looking things can be entirely harmless, while some of the most beautiful creations can be deadly. We can hardly believe that some small harmless looking plants can be dangerous, but this is actually true!

Here is a list of top 10 most deadly plants in the world:

10. Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap

One of the most amazing creations of Nature, which is also one of the most dangerous plants for insects, is the Venus Flytrap, which as the name suggests, traps and insect which comes within its touching distance. As the insect touches the plant, the trichomes of the leaf get stimulated and trap the insect within seconds. Later, the insect is digested by the plant.

9. Common Bladderwort

Common Bladderwort

The next name on the list of top 10 deadliest plants in the world is the aquatic carnivorous plant called Common Bladderwort. The plant has submerged bladders designed to prey on small marine animals such as tadpoles. As the prey touches the bladders, they spring open and suck it in, where it is later decayed into liquid and sucked by the plant.

8. Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant is another carnivorous plant, which has a colorful body to entice insects, which sit on the plant and go inside the pitcher like formation of the plant body. The pitcher has a waxy texture so that the prey cannot escape and is decomposed by the enzymes present therein, and finally digested by the plant. The plant can even devour small rodents like a rat.

7. Oleander


Another highly dangerous plant known to man is oleander, a common and fragrant garden plant, which contains a cardio toxin called oleandrin. the ingestion of the plant can lead to irregular heartbeat, seizures and even death.

6. White Snakeroot

White Snakeroot

Featuring next on the list of top 10 most dangerous plants in the world is the deadly white snake root, a native to North America. This sturdy plant grows in the wild and contains a toxin called tremotol. Since long time, this plant has been causing trouble to mankind by being consumed by cattle and infecting the milk and meat obtained from them, which caused toxicity in humans too.

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