10 Most Common Reasons Why a Person Commits Suicide

Suicides are becoming very common these days, and a lot of people are just committing this crime every other day. There are a lot of reasons, why people commit suicide. It is not a good sign and there are a lot of thoughts behind the person’s mind, before they get into this phase and try to kill themselves. There are many reasons why a person commits suicide, when they start believing that they are useless, or everyone will be happier without them, or when they cant stay happy for a long time, and many more such countless reasons for a person to commit suicide, but there are few reasons which are very common.

Here is a list of 10 most common reasons why a person commits suicide

10. No Job

One of the reasons why a person commits suicide is that they do not have a job. They are unhappy in their life and also they have been depending on their families or friends to help them financially. They search for jobs, but never gets one, hence this unemployment makes them commit suicide.

9. Relationship Problems

This reason is one of the most common reasons for a person to commit suicide. The heartbreaks, loneliness, the partner cheating on you for someone else, are the reasons for a person who is in deep love to commit suicide. The person thinks that now he is just alone in this world, and there is something wrong in his life, that is why he/she got betrayed and the lover left and only because of that one person he/she commits suicide.

8. Rejection from the Society

This is one of the reasons, why a person commits this hideous crime. But in this case, blaming a person is not enough; the society we live in is no less cruel. It is filled with judgmental people, who think too much of themselves, and treats another like nothing, and in such a case, if a person is a little socially awkward, then that’s it, they will surely commit suicide.

7. The Past Regrets

Sometimes, it gets way too difficult for a person to get over with the past, and when they are living in their present but are mentally absorbed in their past, it becomes difficult for them to handle the situations and they themselves makes their life traumatic. Hence, is one of the reasons why a person commits suicide.

6. Mental Illness

It is one of the most common reasons why a person commits suicide. There are a lot of mental problems, but in this case there is one, which is dangerous. That is Schizophrenia. This illness, when reaches up to a certain level, causes a person to forget the real world and they start living in the virtual world, where they imagine people, who commands them to commit such crime.

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