10 Most Beautiful Isolated Islands in the World

Undeniably, the world is abundantly gifted with so many things that can be used and enjoyed by the entire human race. There are those food items that can be eaten in order to survive such as fruits and vegetables. And in terms of breathtaking sights, there are those beautiful natural sceneries that can mesmerize everyone. Moreover, there are those magnificent islands that can be considered as paradises. In relation to this, here are the 10 most beautiful isolated islands in the world:

10. Macquarie Island, Australia

Macquarie Island, Australia

This island is undeniably one of the isolated ones in the world since the number of people who are living here is not more than 40 individuals. Can you believe on that? It’s exactly located in the isolated Australian state known as Tasmania. Aside from the amazing natural sceneries that can be seen here, what you will also love are the groups of penguins.

9. Floreana Island, Ecuador

Floreana Island, Ecuador

Such island is 1000 km away from the center part of the beautiful country of Ecuador. Its name was taken from the very first President of Ecuador named Juan Jose Flores. The island only has 100 people who are living on it. What you will love here are the crystal clear blue water of the ocean as well as its diverse wildlife.

8. Raoul Island, New Zealand

Raoul Island, New Zealand

What is extremely interesting about this beautiful, isolated island is the fact that it is anvil-shaped. This is also called the Sunday Island. Because of the extreme remoteness of Raoul Island, it is not that easy to live here. It has extremely rugged and steep terrain. Moreover, earthquake is normal here since the area is volcanic.

7. Pitcairn Islands, United Kingdom

Pitcairn Islands, United Kingdom

These are actually composed of 4 volcanic islands, which are considered to be British Overseas Territory. This group of islands can be located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The descendants of this group of islands were the hardy islanders.

6. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is a kind of volcanic island located in Polynesia that is considered to be a Chilean territory. It is also called the Rapa Nui. In terms of distance, it is 3,600 km away from the mainland of Chile. In this island, you can see mysterious maoi statues that are around 887.

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