10 Hollywood Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts


While normal people insure their homes, cars and lives, celebs take insurance to a whole new level and insure their body parts since they consider it their biggest asset. If you thought that insuring homes and lives was a thing, take a look at these stars that have polices for everything from their butts to their vocals.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jen’s butt has always been a rather ‘hot’ topic since Chris Rock first spoke about it at the MTV Music Awards back in 2000. JLO is rather proud about her rear end and she knows it was attracts a large number of her fans. Jen went ahead and got her butt insured for a whooping $300 Million since that’s what she believes it’s worth.

9. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

While people would assume that this beauty would have insured her voice since that’s what one would believe is her biggest asset, the singer has in fact gone ahead and insured her legs in 2006. She decided to do this after she became the face Gillette’s campaign and she was called ‘Legs Of A Goddess’. She got her legs insured for a sum of $1billion!

8. Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Holly has always been very open about her breast implants and has even admitted that she is very happy with the procedure. Holly believes that the surgery enhanced the way she looks and her rack is now her biggest asset. In fact Holly is so happy with the results that she went ahead and insured her implants for a sum of $1 million in 2011.

7. Julia Robert’s

Julia Robert's

This pretty woman sure has a smile that can make your heart melt. A number of people are crazy about Julia’s smile which is infectious. The star knows that her precious smile is worth millions and she managed to get it insured for $30 million! Now that’s what we call a million dollar smile. This was one of the highest evaluations an insurance company had ever given a celebrity for a smile.

6. Rihanna


Another singer who has a body that one would die for. This pop diva may sing like an angel, but it’s not her voice that she’s got insured. After being the face of Gillette’s “Legs Of A Goddess” campaign she too went ahead and got her legs insured, however her legs are insured for just $1 million as compared to Mariah’s billion dollar insurance. Looks like Mariah still has the legs of a Goddess.

5. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie is still a very pretty woman, but back in the day she was considered one of the most desirable women in the industry. Jamie had an amazing advertising contract with L’Eggs for a pantyhose campaign and that’s when the company insured the beauty’s legs for $2.8 million. We hope that the insurance is still worth it.

4. America Ferrera

America Ferrera

America became popular as the face of Aquafresh for their charity campaign and they made sure they play it safe. The most valued asset for this star is surely her smile which managed to steal quite a few hearts. This beauty got her smiled insured by the company for a sum of $10 million! That’s a lot for a charity event, but that’s what they believed her smile was worth.

3. David Beckham

David Beckham

The football star is one of the most drool worthy football players of all times. Beckham could get insurance for any part of his body if he wanted to and one would believe that he would have topped the charts with his insurance policy; however the football star didn’t manage to get his legs insured for a sum as high as Mariah which did raise a few eyebrows considering his entire career depended on it. While Mariah got a staggering 1 billion for her legs, David managed to get just $70 million for his legs.

2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Did you know that insurance companies look into the minutest of details while setting their price for insurance? Yes, they do and it was a tiny little scar on Heidi’s leg that made the insurance company value it at a $1 million less in comparison to the other. Heidi has individual insurances on her legs, one for $2.2 Million and the other for $1.2 million, thanks to the scar she got while only a kid.

1. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig


The Bond might have managed to get a large number of women to drool over him, but the insurance company didn’t value his assets too high. Daniel went ahead and insured his entire body at just $9.5 million, and while Daniel seemed to be happy with the figure, his fans believe he would end up getting a lot more had he taken off his shirt in front of the insurance agency.

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