10 Countries With The Most Handsome Men In The World

If you are out there looking for a beautiful man for a holiday romance, lifelong love, or for your next holiday escapade, then look no further than from the countries we are just about to share with you. These countries are known to produce the most handsome men. Let your mind wander as you indulge your brain in choosing the best for yourself. They come from different continents so you will really have to become a tourist before making your final choice of who really is the most handsome of them all.

Here are the top 10 countries with the most handsome men in the world

10. Spain

This country is famous for football and soccer and you will be shocked that it is also famous for producing the most handsome men in the world. Most of their soccer and football stars are the darlings of many around the world due to their well maintained bodies and sporty looks.

9. Sweden

They have a great personality and presence which makes them appealing. They have perfect blonde, handsome eyes, which makes them stunningly outstanding. They have screen beauty due to them being glamorous. Check out on the screen and you will be left heart throbbing due to the beauty of the superstars in most screenplays who are Swedish.

8. United Kingdom

They have great features, they dress elegantly, have a lovely smile, and they are the extremely best presence variety when it comes to handsome men in the world. They are friendly and well shaped.

7. Australia

This country has some of the finest men in the world with their well shaped, lovely and photogenic faces. They normally have silky hair, almond skin color and colored eyes.  All the aforementioned features make them look alluring and breathtaking.

6. Germany

They have great features and amazing looks which make them world’s handsome men. They have amazing skin with attractive eyes and blonde hair that you will fall for. Their white skin is influenced by their environment and the cold weather.

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