10 Countries Where You Can Use Indian Driving License for Drive

A journey by road is one of the best ways to get familiar about a place. Hence, driving is the perfect mode to travel and see the sights of a new nation. When you drive your own car, a sense of freedom is also fetched. You may stop your vehicle at any of your favorable sights as per your convenience. There are few countries that also provide facilities like car renting to the people. Here you may opt for a simple car or a luxurious car according to your taste. There are few nations that allow the visitors to use the driving license of their own country to which they belong.

Therefore, the below is the list of ten countries where you may roam tension free with your Indian driving license in hand:

10. Australia

Sydney Opera House

Australia is one of the beautiful continents in the world where a person can drive with a legal driving license but only for three months. Here, it is not compulsory to carry an International permit from with you always. However, your license must be in the English language.

9. Norway

Oslo, Norway

The last nation in the list is Norway which is the Land of Midnight Sun. If you have a legal Indian driving license, then you may drive her for three months. The driver needs to drive on the right side of the road in Norway.

8. Germany

The next country on the list is Germany where a person may drive for six months with a legal Indian driving license. Here also, the driver has to drive on the right side of the road. If your license is not in English language, then you have to translate it from the embassy. In Germany, people like to do the thrilling driving as the roads here are the best-built roads in the world.

7. New Zealand

If you attain the age of 21 years and above, then only you are permitted to drive for a year in New Zealand with your legal Indian driving license. Here, the driver has to drive on the left side.

6. South Africa

In order to drive in South Africa, an Indian will require a legal driving license of India in the English language along with a valid photo as well as signature that is valid for a year. Usually, people take permit of International driving if they are visiting this country.

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