10 Best Yoga Poses for Office Workers Who Sit All Day

Sitting in the office all day long can take toll on the health of workers and they can come across a host of health problems such as obesity, backaches, knee and neck troubles, to mention just a few. While it is not possible to get up from the desk and take a break, one can combat the problem with the help of some simple yoga poses.

Here is a list of 10 best yoga poses for office workers who sit all day:

1. Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

Sun salutation or surya namaskar is the comprehensive yoga pose for healing the problems related to the entire body. It comprises of a series of steps which are easy to perform and help counter problems resulting from long hours on office table.

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2. Cat and cow pose

Cat and cow pose

Another yoga pose which is effective for office workers who sit all day is the cat and cow pose, which reduces stress on the spine after prolonged sitting and also warms up the muscles in this area.

3. Locust Pose

Locust Pose

The locust pose not only helps your back after long sitting hours at the office but also brings extensive exercise for the neck. It is a great exercise to do after sitting hunchbacked for hours at a stretch.

4. Spinal Twist

Spinal Twist

Office workers can do their spines a big favor by stealing a spinal twist or two during the day, which will help you recharge the energy center in your spine and get adequate movement for it.

5. Wide legged forward bend

Wide legged forward bend

Unlike most of the office yoga poses concentrate on the health and relaxation of the back and spine, the wide legged forward bend is meant to relax the muscles of the leg. These leg muscles get strained as you have to sit all day in the same posture.

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