10 Best Things to do in Cape Town Central, South Africa

When it comes to plan a tour to enjoy all the good moments in your life, Cape Town Central is the one best option for you. Cape Town Central is the mother and heart of all the cities in fun and entertainment. From the beautiful and colorful suburbs to the sunset of the Atlantic, Cape Town is the one of the best tourist’s destination because of all its illuminating and breathtaking sceneries.

Things to do in the Heart City of South Africa

There are loads of things to do in the Cape Town Center but it is recommended to visit it from March to May and from September to November. This is because the weather during this season is quite enviable and the places of Cape Town Central are less crowded.

1. Meet the Inhabitants


The one of the best thing to do in the Cape Town Central, South Africa is to meet the locals of there. The locals of South Africa make a good population as they are quite friendly and welcoming to the tourists and their families. You can just go on the street and meet the flower sellers that can guide you to the whole Cape Town Central.

2. Browse in the Green Square Market

Green Square Market

Browsing the Green Square market would be just a fun thing as it is one of the oldest public squares in South Africa. Ranging from painted fabrics to hand craft jewelries, you would find every traditional and the typical thing at the vendors of the Green Square Market.

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3. Dive into the Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach

Another tourist thing is to dive into the Clifton beach which separates Atlantic Ocean from the Cape Town’s Millionaire Row; there extends the beautiful scenes of the Clifton Beach. It is an all -day open excursion that pays you free. You can have the access to its white shores and its shimmery sand throughout the whole year.

4. Seam the hopes in Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Dividing the Atlantic Ocean from the False Bay, the Town of Good Hope extends featuring numerous lavish beaches in the South Cape Town Central. The Cape of Good Hope is the sign of significance especially to the sailors as the views from the Cape are unparalleled. It is a home to various fauna like ostriches and baboons.

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