10 Best Things to do In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the mesmerizing capital of Spain and it is the second most populous city of the country. It is one of the most enchanting cities that run across the seaside with its boundless culture and tradition. It is today an important cultural center and a major and inspiring tourist destination for the visitors all around the world. It is the home to many beautiful and lavish architectural sites and hence is the world’s leading tourists, economic and trade destination. Hence Barcelona has got the status of one of the World’s major Global cities of the world.

If you are planning to visit Barcelona this holiday, then here is a brief travel guide for you to arrange a memorable trip to Barcelona for you and for your family.

Best Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the way to mix of ancient and modern architects, tempting cafes, and misty rivers and beaches. So the best time to visit the capital city is from May to June when the temperature is moderate. The spring season is ideal to visit Barcelona as several carnival festivals arrive during the season and the tourist crowd do not rush in the spring season usually. Here are the top ten attractions in Barcelona that are very inspiring and enthralling so you must have to visit it before anything else.

1. Retreat at Montserrat

Retreat at Montserrat

Montserrat Mountains & monastery offers you with the most spectacular view of mountains that will be stored in your memory forever. Montserrat is a stunningly beautiful monk mountain retreat that is totally free and you can visit it all around the year. So visit this retreat and enjoy the breathtaking scenery once in a life while you are in Barcelona.

2. A visit to Tibidabo

A visit to Tibidabo barcelona

This visit is going to be a fun thing while you are visiting Barcelona. Tibadabo is the tallest mountain at Serra de Collserola an amusement park for children which remain open in summer. You can have a skywalk in the open and peaceful sky at Tibadabo that will definitely give you a soothing effect to all your worries.

3. Explore Modernist buildings at Barcelona

Modernist buildings at Barcelona

These buildings are also considered as the landmarks of Barcelona because of their great architectural designs. Adjectives like Bold, impetuous, colorful, idiosyncratic, symphonic,speckled and exclusive are mostly used to describe these buildings and do seems some words that are not appropriate for these pieces of architects. These modernista buildings include Casa Milà, Casa Amatller, Casa Batlló and many others.

4. Journey to Parc Guell

Journey to Parc Guell

Journey to the UNESCO world Heritage site and the public park that is composed of gardens and beautiful architectural elements is a must do thing in Barcelona. The park is so captivating and mesmerizing that does surely gives you memory for future.

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