10 Best Simple Activities Ideas for 3 Year Old Kids


To entertain kids most especially those who are just 3 years old seems to be daunting. Kids feel boredom easily. However, they have some sort of smartness though it will sometimes be hard to face the chaos that comes along with their growth. These kids are usually crazy energetic that needs the attention of parents most of the time.

In order for them to have extraordinary fun and lessen your worries, shower them with different simple and full of enjoyment activities. Don’t let them play or perform such activities alone, you can play with them to make the bond stronger.

Exciting Yet Valuable Activities You Can Give For Your Kid

10. Show your kid how to cook

We can’t deny the fact kids at this age will surely be not able to cook yet but you can help prepare for their better future. By letting them see how you do this and those, they will learn from it gradually. Just be careful with the knife or never let them touch it.

9. Allow the creativity out

Most kids love writing, drawing or painting with nonsense words. Do not focus on what they write or draw just let them do so even though you can’t understand it. Kids are born to be creative and let those creativities out no matter what happen.

8. Let the kid learn who we are

We are humans and your kid must know how that so. You can try by using some conversation starters to help him start chatting with you. Talk to him during bedtime and let him follow your words to improve his conversation.

7. Let their brain sensor works

Give them activities that will help develop intellectual progression such as puzzle games, drawing, bubbles and even sounding mobiles. Just be watchful and never give them choke-able toys and avoid materials that are not safe for their health.

6. Laugh together

Kids are so cute and you know it. They can be your stress-reliever. Let them laugh by playing with them, teaching them to knock jokes and watch funny videos. Teach them to manage the stress. You can be the role model for your kid, what they saw at you will be the things they will follow.

5. Teach them good values

Teach the kids with good manners and values even at their very young age. Let them learn how to be a helper, let them see you how you care the pets and teach them to obey you as you want them when they grow.

4. Read them with colorful books

Kids may not understand what you are reading but they will surely like the pictures in it. Letting them explore books will help them to grow smart. You can also play with word games it would be easy for you to send them to school.

3. Have an adventure

Go fishing, go with them in camping, let them play in the rain, go for family hikes and anything you can do to have something really adventure. Don’t make them fun with hundreds of toys alone. Sometimes, having an adventure is what they need most.

2. Explore the nature

Try to bring your kid outside and let him see how beautiful the world can be. It will not just let him feel incredible happiness but teach him some important things that could help him grow and develop. Never stuck your kids at home. Show them the world the soon they will be roaming.

1. Play together

kids together

Whatever activities you want for your kids in order for them to get entertained and have fun, don’t forget to get involved. Playing with your kid does not really mean you act like them or such a childish one, it will only show how good you are as a parent.

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