10 Best Nearest Tourist Destinations From Mumbai

Mumbai in itself has various beautiful places, which attracts a lot of tourists, but the people who have been living in Mumbai needs a break from that life for a little while. No one wants to be deal with the annoying traffic every night when you go home after work, the unexpectedly over crowd places. Hence, it is common for a person to look for a perfect getaway. If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway, then there are a lot of amazing places near the city, where you should go and have fun. Here is a list of top ten popular tourist destinations, near Mumbai for a perfect getaway.

10. Karnala


This place is just 48kms from Mumbai and you can go there via Sion Valley. It is around 10kms from Panvel and the two most interesting attractions of this place are Karnala bird Sanctuary and the Karnala Fort. It is a must visit place to see the birds and listen to their pleasant chirping, which is otherwise not possible in the city.

9. Pawna Lake

It became famous after the famous Pawna dam was built. This place is very common amongst those who pack their bags, and go for camping. A beautiful place with a beautiful natural landscape, it is a must visit place around 108 kms travel.

8.  Lonavala

It is juts 84kms from Mumbai, and is a worth visiting place. If you like to drive, then going to this place by road is just a beautiful experience. It is a very beautiful place with rich flora and fauna. The famous attractions of this place include: Lonavala lake, Rajmachi point, wax museum and many more.

7. Khandala

This is just 82kms from Mumbai and it is beautiful place with an altitude of 550m. Since, it is the nearest hill station to the busy town, this is the most frequently visited place by the people.

6. Camping and Water Activities in Maval

Camping and Water Activities in Maval

If you are the adventurous type, then you should definitely visit this place around 88 kms. It is surrounded by the Sahayadri Ranges, this place is a natural beauty and is located in Pune, which is just four hours from Mumbai, if you take the highway, and the going by road is recommended. The Camping and water adventures here are fascinating.

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  1. I love travelling as it helps me to unwind from the daily monotonous life. Most of my writing inspiration comes from my travel experience, hence it is a very important part of my life. Thank you for sharing this amazing blog about the various destinations around Mumbai. Adding them to my wish list!

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