10 Best Laptops Cost Below 45,000 Rs. in India 2015

Laptops are essential daily tools for most people these days. For people in IT support, freelance writers, graphics designers, teachers, other professional personnel and maybe even for household usage, a laptop is the most demanding gadget. Around rupees 45,000 there are plenty of laptops to choose, we have sorted out 10 of the best seller laptops.

1. HP 15-ac027TX

HP 15-ac027TX

This variant of HP 15-ac is based on an Intel 5200U Core i5 CPU. It is 5th generation, hence the performance and power efficiency would be lot better than the older generations. The clock speed on this CPU is 2.2 GHz normally and 2.7 GHz when turbo-boosted. Installed RAM on this unit is 8 GB DDR3, however it’s upgradable up to 8 GB. Price – Rs. 44,900.

2. Lenovo G50-80

Lenovo G50-80

Lenovo G50-80 has various configurations, the one that costs around 45k rupees in India is basically a gaming laptop variant. It’s based on Intel Core i5 5200U CPU with 3 MB cache. The clock speed on this processor is 2.2 GHz and 2.7 GHz when turbo boost is activated. RAM on Lenovo G50-80 is 4 GB DDR3, with expansion option up to 16GB. Equipped memory storage is 1 TB, 5400 RPM. Price – Rs. 43,400.

3. Toshiba Satellite L750-X531B

Toshiba Satellite L750-X531B

For a decent budget, the Satellite L750 laptop packs a great deal. The CPU underneath is Intel Core i5 2nd generation clocked at 2.5 GHz, the RAM is 6 GB and it has an Nvidia GeForce GT 525M GPU; 2 GB. Indeed quite a superior configuration, powered up by a 6 cell battery providing backup for nearly 3 hours. Price – Rs. 42,148.

4. Dell Vostro 3546

Dell Vostro 3546

The Dell Vostro lineup is a perfect match for the business people. The CPU underneath is an Intel Core i3 4th Gen 1.7 GHz processor tangled with 4 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 820M GPU. The display is promising 15.6 inches with resolution 1366×768 pixels, it weighs around 2.3 KGs. The battery is li-ion and it is 4 cell. Price – Rs. 40,000.

5. Asus TP550LD-CJ086H

Asus TP550LD-CJ086H

The Asus TP550LD is a transformer designed laptop – the user can use it both as a tablet, and a typical laptop computer just by flipping the display. The display measures 15.6 inches flaunting resolution 1366×768 pixels. It’s a touch screen unit for convenient operability. The CPU inside the Asus TP550LD is Intel 4030 Core i3 processor clocked at 1.9 GHz; and the RAM is 4 GB expandable up to 8 GB. The GeForce 820M graphics card on this computer is 2 GB.

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