10 Best Indian Breakfast Food Recipes

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. There are numerous benefits of taking breakfast regularly. Including these benefits are greater memory and improved cognitive functions, good health and the healthy start to a day. It is rightly said that one should not attend the end of the day even, not having a good breakfast. This quote highlights the importance of the healthy breakfast that is like the ignition to start a car.

One cannot feel the difference unless he makes it a habit of taking breakfast regularly. This concept is mostly understood by the people of the Eastern countries and that is the reason they celebrate their breakfast more as compared to the other meals of the day. Here you can check the proof of my words by going through the list of the 10 Best Indian Breakfast Food Recipes.

10. Poha

This one is really a signature dish of the people of India that they die for this in breakfast. Poha is the rice that are pressed and cooked along with the blend of the flavors like onions, potatoes, lemon, curry leaves and some spices of Indian cuisine. The flavor mustard seeds immersed in this amazing dish gives the outstanding flavor that can easily tantalize your taste buds.

9. Uttapam


Another very popular and the best Indian breakfast specialty is Uttapam. This dish is also made from the goodness of rice and the urad daal. Batter of these ingredients along with some spices are pored and topped with the vegetables like tomatoes and onions.

8. Namkeen Seviyaan

Next on the list is the snap to those sweet vermicelli. This recipe is another really amazing and tempting specialty of the Indian breakfast that consists of the vermicelli that is made with the twist of savor taste. The desi flavors of this dish give a really healthy wake up call to your morning.

7. Rawa Upma

This one is the common South Indian breakfast dish that is really alluring and healthy to start your day with. Cooked with the vegetables, typical Indian spices and some aromatic nuts give it a definite nutritional value that you need to live a balanced life. This dish when combined with grated coconut makes a worth trying dish.

6. Sali Par Edu

Another one of the healthiest and the best breakfast that is really popular in India is Sali Par Edu. The recipe is originated from the Parsi cuisine that comprised of the crispy and the crunchy potatoes that are served with the sunny side up eggs. This one is really a great treat to start a day.

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