10 Best Healthy South Indian Breakfast Food Recipes

As the old saying, Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, is true in a sense that only the people having the good eating habits can survive in this world without any trouble of diseases and illness. When it comes to diet, there are 3 most important parts of the daily diets that are the breakfast, lunch and dinner. And among them, breakfast is considered to be the most important part of the daily because it is the way to start your day with healthy twitch.

Not only it provides us the energy to begin our day with, but it also provides you with the best vigor and the tenderness to meet the needs of the daily hectic routine. So in this healthy breakfast is the counterpart of the healthy living. For this, we have brought up the list of the 10 best healthy South Indian Breakfast Recipes that you should make it as a part of your daily diet:

10. Oats Idli

Oats Idli

This breakfast dish is the most effective one for the idli lovers and for those who are conscious about their health. This diet is the low carb that is made with the healthy oats. With the grated carrots and the twitch of the flavors, this is one of the best way to fulfill all your nutrient requirement with the tempting and alluring taste at the same time.

9. Kerala Vegetable Stew

Kerala Vegetable Stew

Another one of the best South Indian breakfast recipe is the Kerala style vegetable stew that can fulfill your nutrient requirement with the vegetables and the coconut milk. This one is the best option that you can have if you are a vegetarian diet follower. With the goodness of the spices and the protective vegetables like carrots, starchy vegetables like potatoes can give you the pleasant experience.

8. Puttu


Another one of the most important and the common South Indian breakfast recipe is Puttu. Not only in breakfast, but you can also take it as a part of Lunch or Dinner because it is too delicious to eat. With the goodness of the coconut and the rice, this dish is full of nutritious that is alone, enough for your healthy start.

7. Rawa Upma

Rawa Upma

Not only the traditional dish of South India, this dish is the love of all the people living in India. It is one of the delicious Indian breakfast recipe that is made up of the semolina and also with the vegetables. You can enjoy your breakfast time with Rawa Upma topped with some coconut and the green coriander.

6. Uttapam


This Indian dish has the reserved delicacy with the South Indian traditional and that is why it is famous as the South Indian breakfast dish. But its flavor is famous all over India. The word Uttapam means, Poured appam in Tamil. So it is the dosa like presentation that is filled with the goodness of rice, pulses and some traditional Indian spices.

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