10 Best Healthy Drinks For Summers in India

India is undeniably one of those countries in the world that are visited by thousands of foreign and even local tourists every single day, specially in the summer season. Because of this, you should know the healthy drinks in India during summertime.

In this regard, here are the 10 best healthy drinks for summers in India:

10. Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera

This is one popular healthy drink in India that is very effective in keeping your body cool during summer. This is a magical drink that also functions as the best appetizer every summer vacationer should try sipping. The components needed in making this wonderful drink are cold water, salt, mint, tamarind, and cumin.

9. Toddy

This Indian famous drink originates from the huge central state in India, which is the Madhya Pradesh. It is an alcoholic drink that is extracted from a number of palm trees, which are abundant in the said state. Around 5 percent of alcohol is present in this drink, and it has a lip-smacking taste that you might love.

8. Falooda

Another healthy drink for summers in India is the so-called Falooda. A lot of people in Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi are recommending this delicious and nutritious drink. This is something that tourists from all over the globe should try. The main ingredients in making this sweet drink are vermicelli, ice cream, jelly cubes, rose syrup, and milk.

7. Solkadhi

Solkadhi is an Indian beverage that is mostly drunken by a number of people in the Konkani region. If you get the chance to go in this region, you should try this unique, flavorful drink. After eating your meals is the perfect time to drink it. It is good for your digestive system, and it is made from kokum and coconut milk.

6. Coconut Water

Of course, who would not love sipping coconut water under the heat of the summer sun? This is a popular and nutritious natural summer drink you can enjoy when you are in India. What made it great is that it is available almost everywhere in the country.

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