Top 10 Best Curry Food Recipes

No matter, with the presence of menu cuisines and flavors in our today’s menu, but he flavor and the importance of the Curry remain intact. The curry is designated to the beautiful blend of handful of spices and some one or two ingredients. Curry is surely famous for its intoxicating spices especially the turmeric that is one of the most important antibacterial spices used in our desi foods.

The basic curry is an umbrella that is rich, flavorful and gravy type paste that is modified into specific different types of cultures and taste where it is being eaten.

So here are the special 10 Best Curry Recipes that consist of from the classic Thai curry to the exotic Indian Curry:

10. Malai Prawn Curry

Malai Prawn Curry

This non- veg Mediterranean curry is one of the most amazing and the classic curry recipe that consist of the flavorful blend of coconut milk along with the cream and handful of spices. With the aroma of cinnamon and the curvy prawns adds to the flavor of this creamy and velvety curry.

9. Kerala Fish Curry

When it comes to curry, the South Indian Kerala Fish Curry comes to the mind. This is the flavorful and the most exotic recipe of curry that gives the bursting flavor of curry leaves and fish along with some typical Indian spices. This Kerala Fish Curry indicates the delicacy of the Indian Cuisine that is oh so flavorful.

8. Chicken Tikka Curry

In some regions of world, Curry is usually referred to as the Masala. But the Masala is a little bit thick as compared to curry. This dish is also known as the Chicken Tikka Masala. With the pack of flavors of masala and the tangy flavor of cream, this flavorful chicken gives you the best and the tempting experience among the globe.

7. Butter Chicken

Straight from the Desi Kitchen, Butter Chicken is one of the really common festive dishes in the countries like India and Pakistan. The dish represents the classic creaminess of the curry along with the flavors of chicken and butter. When served with Naan or chapatti, this Butter Chicken makes the world of curry really very delicate.

6. Thai Fish Curry

Thai Fish Curry

From the Desi kitchen to the Thai Kitchen, Thai Fish Curry is another best recipe of Curry that includes the amazing flavors spices blended with fish. This spicy authentic recipe is the last minute entertainer that you can serve with the steamed rice or egg fried rice.

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