10 Best 32 Inches LED TVs Under Rs. 20,000 India 2016

LED TVs have replaced old school CRT TVs in a very rapid pace. As the technology has become much easier to avail and the prices have gone down in a massive scale, anyone can now afford an LED TV and the CRT TVs are about to turn extinct; at least in a pretty close time frame. LED TVs look smaller than the CRT TVs because there’s no protruding tube in the rear side of the screen, also the chassis is built very lightweight. Also, the aspect ratio makes these TVs appear smaller to the human eyes – taking all these into consideration, we’d recommend 32 inch HD LED TVs within 20000 rs for households. Here’s a brief review on 10 of them.

1. Samsung UA32FH4003

Samsung UA32FH4003

Samsung has achieved good control over the current LED TV market with inexpensive yet great looking models. The display measurement is 32 inches; it’s an LED panel with 1366×768 pixels resolution. There’s no smart feature or 3D enabled, but as a basic TV it’s just fine. Price – Rs. 19,099.

2. LG 32LF550A

LG 32LF550A

32 inch LED panel on this television offers HD ready 1366×768 pixels resolution; no 3D or smart features are offered. There are plenty of inputs and outputs to setup a small scale home theatre system; also there are 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports. Price – Rs. 18,900.

3. Micromax 32T7260

Micromax 32T7260

This Micromax products comes for a very attractive price tag. With 1366×768 display resolution and 170 degree wide viewing angle, this 32 inch television will surely turn into one utmost source of entertainment in no time. It operates on PAL technology. Price – Rs. 14,800.

4. Haier LE32B8000

Haier LE32B8000

Display dimension is 32 inches diagonally with 1366×768 pixels HD ready resolution, and additionally this television offers 3D comb filter as well. Don’t mistake this feature for 3D, but it makes the viewing experience much better. Haier LE32B8000 enables eco-friendly power consumption features as well; which saves a lot of power even while operating for a very long time. Price – Rs. 17,199.

5. Intex 3110

Intex 3110

As a basic LED television system for a very inexpensive price tag, and with a 32 inch display the Intex 3110 is a value for money product. Apart from having 1366×768 pixels resolution on this display there is a USB port for media input and also there are two 10 watt speakers that generate fantastic quality audio for the best home cinema experience, at a budget. Price – Rs. 15,209.

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